Monday, August 31, 2009

Artist Statement

My work is a study of the nature around me. I walk the thin line of reality and non-reality. I have learned more from my failures then my successes, so I journey each path with a large learning curve.
I feel most comfortable using materials from the earth. My most resent venture is wood, I am drawn to its ever surprising beauty. Trees standing alone or in a group provide so many things, from shelter to shade, fruit to oxygen. I have draw and photographed them, sculpted them from wire covered them with hand made paper, and gone as far as to cover one with tile. Now I have started to approach trees on a different level. I strip them of their covering and expose their inner beauty. I work from shapes that surround me in my everyday life. Shapes I know by heart, that I can see with my eyes closed. I want for you to be able to feel the beauty with your eyes closed and see the shapes that form my world.

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