Monday, September 14, 2009

External Inspiration

External Sources
Using his insight Scott Grieger designs forms and symbols which are products of chance encounters of his day to day life. Grieger feels that one person in a corporation can assign values which can then change the thoughts of many. Using a well known brand of sneakers as an example, he observes a student’s behavioral changes after wearing the brand. He is disappointed by the students’ new persona. He is able to use external sources like this to inspire new work.
William Kentridge, like Scott Grieger is inspired by externally by his day to day life. Although his inspiration is a product of the emotionally charged country he is from, and its’ turmoil of social unrest.
Chris Ofili sometimes tries to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes using sexual references and often using animal dung in his paintings of well known subjects, he offends many groups of people. He swings between artistically correct and politically incorrect. His external inspiration is part hip-hop culture and using a little of everything out there. It is a patch work of materials and subjects that blend to a work of art.
Hubert Duprat is inspired by Historic precedents. He examines when history altering innovation happens. Looking back before cave paintings, he imagines cave people creating silhouettes of animals on the wall.
Thomas Joshua Cooper draws from both internal and external inspirational sources. Cooper photographs seascapes. He shots horizon images excluding the sky, amassing information on the geographic and climate.

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