Wednesday, February 10, 2010

After reading Clement Greenberg’s article, “Modernist Painting 1909”, I could understand his perspective of where the art would had come from and where it was headed. Greenberg stated that he had to simplify and exaggerate the rational of the modernist movement in art. He felt that modernism equaled the whole and what is truly alive in the culture (which I agree with).
Clement Greenberg also felt that modernism uses art to call attention to art, which is also very true today. Greenberg realized that modernism was not meant to break away from the past, but to unravel tradition. I feel that it is the changing of ideas, material and medium that keeps art interesting and challenging for both the viewer and the artist today.
Modernistic art makes all theoretical possibilities possible, with still having appreciation for the masters of the past, growing together and moving with culture.

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