Thursday, February 25, 2010


In “Learning to Live with Pluralism”, we take a journey through the years of how art is viewed. Pluralism in art is a fundamental transformation of self consciousness with many different theories of interpretation. One way of understanding pluralism is that not one time period is “the” correct style of art, but all time periods have art forms that are valid.
There is no historically correct opinion - no one way of producing art has priority over another. There is no correct or incorrect art form. I agree with Andy Warhol’s statement in 1963: “How can you say one style is better than another? You ought to be able to be an Abstract Expressionist next week, or a Pop Artist, or a Realist without feeling that you have given up something.”
We have grown up in a time of freedom of style and medium. We are able to combine different concepts and incorporate them into new interpretations without justifying them.
Imagine if the great artists of the past were able to work in this type of environment what their art work would have been.

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